Usability Evaluation for Mixed Reality Application (Airbus)

Usability Evaluation for Mixed Reality Application (Airbus)

Research, Design

early 2022

[Bachelor's thesis] Development of criteria to improve the usability of the Mixed Reality Application (MiRA) from Airbus. The MiRA software is used for installation and quality check in several steps of the process.

Tools I used

  • Adobe XD
  • Google Forms
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Klaxoon

My team

  • Toralf Schiefner (Product Manager)


❗️ Important Information (before continuing)

  • This project was completed to receive my German bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management at NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences.
  • The  evaluated software is an Airbus internal application. No further details can be published on this portfolio

📌 Further links

- Internal application (MiRA at Airbus)

👨🏼‍💻 Personal Contribution

Because the project was completed to receive my bachelor’s degree, I have no direct teammates. However, I have organized some support for bigger tasks such as the heuristic evaluation, interviews, contextual inquiries, the persona creation or journey mapping.

Detailed information

Evaluation Process

Regarding my process I have combined the Design Thinking method with the double diamond process introduced by the British design council and the Airbus internal triple diamond UX process. 

I have worked close to common standards like ISO 9126, 9241, 9355, 11581, 14915, 25010, 25066, and Nielsen’s heuristics or Tidwell et al.’s design patterns. After the study phase I did user research via, interviews, contextual inquires, a stakeholder analysis, and the heuristic evaluation with my own developed extended heuristic list. In the next step, I defined personas, scenarios and user journey maps. Finally, I have come up with a criteria list which I will present in front of the stakeholders, in this presentation there will be given some examples in a UI prototype as well.

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